Who We Are

Serial Entrepreneur Thomas J. Hastings founded TecHHatch.com in 1998. Tom recognized early that, Domain Names were the Digital Real Estate along the Internet Highway.

Over the last 15 years TecHHatch.com has acquired and developed one of the leading portfolios of:

Domain Names;

Websites/Mobile Apps;

Early Stage Angel investment – such as:

  • - Path
  • - American Biophysics
  • - Campus Career Center
  • - CampusU
  • - Face2Face
  • - Future Matrix
  • - Guardian Angel
  • - Local Matters
  • - Lojack
  • - Media Site
  • - Napster
  • - Procurepoint
  • - Smartleaf
  • - Sonamed Corp
  • - Sonic Foundry
  • - Startups.com

Many of which had successful exits via IPO or merger or sale.

Domains For Sale

TecHHatch.com owns a portfolio of thousands of targeted Domain Names in a variety of business sectors.

Latest Domain Names For Sale:

Domain Name Quick Sale Price Make An Offer
ALANCRAY.COM $99.00 Make An Offer
ALEXAJAY.COM $99.00 Make An Offer
APTSKILL.COM $99.00 Make An Offer
ARCHETTA.COM $99.00 Make An Offer
ARTLADYS.COM $149.00 Make An Offer
BINGLY.COM SOLD $1000 Make An Offer
BODYDISH.COM $149.00 Make An Offer
BODYLUXE.COM $1,000.00 Make An Offer
BUYFIGHT.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
BYTAB.COM $1000.00 Make An Offer
CITYCYCLING.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
CINEE.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
DANCEFEST.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
DICORAL.COM $1,000.00 Make An Offer
DOCKAGE.COM $10,000.00 Make An Offer
DOGSDUDS.COM $250.00 Make An Offer
DRGREGSIPES.COM $300.00 Make An Offer
DROPDE.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
DRTECO.COM $300.00 Make An Offer
DRUMYARD.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
ELITELIVING.COM $10,000.00 Make An Offer
FAIRZON.COM SOLD $5000 Make An Offer
FOOTGEL.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
GETRIDES.COM SOLD - $5000 Make An Offer
GREENSITE.COM $10,000.00 Make An Offer
GYMMILES.COM $1,000.00 Make An Offer
HIPSIZE.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
ICUBY.COM $99.00 Make An Offer
KIDSPURE.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
LADYVIBE.COM $3,000.00 Make An Offer
MAMNO.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
MEEHE.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
MINIMONSTER.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
MODH.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
MUDMAN.COM $10,000.00 Make An Offer
NEEDCAB.COM $10,000.00 Make An Offer
NIRADO.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
NOLAWSUITS.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
NUCI.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
NYNO.COM $10,000.00 Make An Offer
ONEPICKS.COM $1,000.00 Make An Offer
PARTYLEASE.COM $1,000.00 Make An Offer
SNOWSEEK.COM $1,000.00 Make An Offer
SOURKIDS.COM $3,000.00 Make An Offer
TDAY.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
THIRDCOW.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
TRIPYA.COM $1,000.00 Make An Offer
URTACKY.COM $500.00 Make An Offer
VENTUREGROUP.COM $25,000.00 Make An Offer
VERIFIEDTICKETS.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
VIBEPRO.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
WINKAPP.COM SOLD - $10000 Make An Offer
WOUTON.COM $1,000.00 Make An Offer
XTRATALK.COM $5,000.00 Make An Offer
ZULZO.COM $99.00 Make An Offer

If your are interested in a Domain Name not listed, Contact Us now.

We Buy Domain Names

We are constantly seeking new opportunities to invest. We buy premium Domain Names with or without traffic. If you are looking for a serious and reliable buyer and you think your Domain Name is valuable Contact Us now.

Digital Initiatives

Place your company, product, service or yourself at the crossroads of the perfect Digital Address. Our portfolio of Domain Names is specifically targeted for you. This targeting is based on an Algorithm Selection Process using the latest cyber metric formula.


Q: Why should I buy a .Com Domain Name?

A: People and search engines take a .Com Domain Name more seriously than any other top level extension. You’re going to look a lot more professional and in turn, get more credibility and sales from the increased traffic a .Com Domain delivers.

Q: Why should I buy a Domain Name from TecHHatch?

A: We have the best Domain Names that you want at reasonable prices.

Q: How do I pay for a Domain Name that I want to purchase from TecHHatch?

A: Purchasing is simple we use PayPal. For all purchases over $1000.00 we use Escrow.com. All of our Domain Names are registered through GoDaddy.

Q: But I already own a similar Domain Name, why do I need another one?

A: The answer is simple you will get more exposure for your business for the least amount of money. Search engines file your page contents within one Domain Name. If you have multiple Domains, this multiplies the chance of having someone click on the link to your website.

Q: If I have multiple Domain Names do I need more than one website?

A: No. You can simply redirect traffic from the new Domain Namw to your existing website. It’s a quick and simple process just change the nameservers to point your existing website.

Q: Will additional Domain Names generate more traffic to our website?

A: Quite often people only remember the name of the company but not the name of the actual website. Having multiple Domain Names centered around your Name, Business, Products or Services, increases the chances of the traffic going to you and not the competition.

Q: Do I need a new hosting account for the new Domain Name?

A: No. All you have to do is change the nameservers so that they point to your existing website.